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At Casillas Contracting Inc. we are proud of our strong network of local and international business partners that enable us to deliver the best quality products, optimal service possible and the fastest installation times. We work with a variety of experts in every field of construction to ensure that the product meets all safety and quality regulations. 

Although it is not our main area of focus, we provide renovation services to upgrade commercial and residential interiors and exteriors. Our availability greatly depends on the demand of our major projects, but we will always pick up the phone in case of new inquiries. 

We provide; 

  • Framing, carpentry and drywall. 

  • Certified Plumbing.  

  • Certified Electricity services. 

  • Quality flooring and carpets. 

  • Painting and finishing. 

  • Roofing and gutters. 

  • Kitchen cabinets and countertops. 

  • Closets and custom structures. 

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