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From the beginning, Casillas Contracting has had a strong inclination to outdoor construction and design. Decks and fences are fun projects that our company is glad to help with. 

Decks. -  

Backyard decks are the most popular. Our customers normally have a specific idea in mind, and it is our pleasure to make it a reality. When our clients do not have a specific design planned, we are happy to show them ideas and past jobs so that the final project fits well with the rest of the property. 

Acreage and lake house decks are a special satisfaction for everyone in the company and for our clients as well. We like to create relaxing spaces designed to admire the scenery with friends and family. 


Restaurant and bar decks are our latest undertaking. We believe that a comfortable and strong outdoor deck can make your clients feel a whole new experience with your restaurant or bar brand. 

Fencing. - 

Since 2009 building residential fences have been fast and easy projects for us. From low and simple fences, to strong and tall privacy fences to keep moments with your family and friends intimate.  

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